Peter, Put Up Thy Sword Into The Sheath


To the Peter’s out there — PUT YOUR SWORDS IN THE SHEATH!

(This is long and I won’t apologize for the length. Share with everyone)

I know many of your are raging with angry over the recent murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and now the recent arrest of DeRay McKesson, (BlackLiveMatter Founder) who was just arrested last night in Baton Rouge’s Protest. I say to you keep your cool and stop being used as a vehicle for racism to be sparked as a race war. WE are being used to start this race war, those of us who are inhaling the smoke screen of racism, hatred — the uglies. Am I thrilled about how things are going right now?


But here’s what I know…

60s Riot
Once started, it will get ugly and many will die! Is it worth it? Some may say yes, but the bottom line is NO! We need you Peters, our youth to live! You are purpose! Your are the change agents! Listen — This is not the 60s style protest where water hoses, growling dogs flashing teeth and Billy Clubs are being used. With the technology they have today — you will die quickly. Take heed –DRONES & ROBOTS and Martial Law! Get the picture!

The way to win this war is through uniting as one. When in Rome, do as the roman’s do and fill their own Trojan Horses with their own medicine meaning, law and master their systems — yes infiltrate their systems and move them out with numbers. I’m talking take over! That’s what the dark elite are doing right now which is why WE THE PEOPLE own nothing. WE are just occupying space until WE rise as one united, moving smartly and not falling into their pit of division. This current strategy of violence is not going to work! Then you have to ask why now is this stuff heating up now!
Drones We are committing slow genocide with our hands — not theirs; and their plans have been institutionalized way back when, but its for a reason that it’s surfacing now. Like a chess game — we are pawns being use to further their dark plans to control ALL people their way!
Once again, pay attention vote with wisdom! Everything that glitters in this presidential election — ain’t gold and the obvious with most of the the money in this election is gonna sell our souls further down the river. So…
To our mature adults who are awake! Now it was brought to my attention about this DeRay McKesson being arrested this morning. We need the Prayer Warriors and Intercessors to stay on that wall — watch and pray! Pray these smoke screens of division and hatred are torn down and expose the dark elite who are behind this ugly spirit! This is not a battle we will win dying. However there is a time to do physical battle after we have saturated the atmosphere with PRAYER! PRAISE! WORSHIP! Its time to be battle ready. Do first things first!

Off my rant box!




Burn Baby Burn


Recently the news is ablaze with stories of massive fires burning out of control, and destroying thousands of acres in places like Canada, Southern California, Arizonia and the list goes on…I was talking to a friend about these fires when I was reminded about the Native American Indians’ use of fire as their ecosystem.

BURNING is a method used to prep land for the new harvest among other purposes such hunting, crop management, improved growth and yields, fireproofed areas, insect collection, pest management, warfare and signaling, economic extortion, clearing areas for travel, felling trees and clearing riparian areas which Dr. Gerald W. Williams, a Historical Analyst for the USDA Forest Service mentioned in his 2001 report.

I know, some will read this and say this is absolute poppycock!

Our natural eyes tend to see the bad in most situations. However, there’s a remnant who see beyond the physical. We will catch a glimmer of HOPE and see a glass full rather then half empty. I see HOPE as God directs our path to the promise land, the milk and honey, like cream in it’s solidified state — HOPE rises to the top out of world chaos.

This is a season to SHIFT, to position ourselves as the winds blow on our embers…

3Ps Fin1


This nation is faced with great challenges beginning with an election year where our lives as a nation are torn between one Republican and two Democratic presidential candidates.




We need to pay attention to NATURE and catch ahold of the vision!

As a Prayer Warrior and Intercessory, the symbolism of all these fires burning massive acreage of land brings back memories from my quiet time with God as I study His word in the Holy Bible. I am first reminded that what the devil meant for bad, God has turned it around for our good, and at midnight, Exactly what does “AND AT THE MIDNIGHT” mean?

Midnight hour1

The story of an imprisoned Paul and Silas sang praise unto God and the prisoners heard them. It requires an action on our behalf even if it means we stand still, even as the fires roar and are burning down everything in sight, in the area that God has called you to to position with PURPOSE — stand, believe and have FAITH (Acts 16:25-34).

Second, I’m reminded of the story of the three Hebrew boys (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) whose names had been changed. They were thrown into a fiery pit that was heated up seven times more, and it engulfed — slew the king’s most mighty men from his army.

Catch this image…there in the midst was a fourth man in the flames, another plan for their lives – PURPOSE; for they emerge from this seven-times fire not smelling like fire, their situation at hand, but they came out polished for the next chapter of their lives.

Seven represents the Sabbath when God commanded us to REST in the complete work — rest in Him. Are WE resting in Him? (Daniel 3: 12-26)

OUCH even!

Third, fire symbolizes refinement. Most precious gems are fired to refine their essences of beauty in physical changes,the appearance. What appeared to be ugly and not finished is now polished to perfection.

So I say to those watching the fires burn to take another look! Look with discernment. Know that there is another plan to prepare your way into the things that God has PREDESTINED and PURPOSED for your lives.

(Pssst! I’m paying attention LAWD!)

God is ordering our footsteps to move into position from ancestral seeds sown. OrderMySteps

Rebirth — REGENERATION of land once covered in darkness, and wells rediscovered waiting to gush with new life, new wine for the new wineskins prepared. 

Let us embrace HOPE and wait patiently for the sound of the rushing mighty winds to swoop down from the mountains and into the canyons amidst the foothills — WE RISE!

Peace out!





The Battle is REAL!










We must be all so close to our godly purpose.  Prepare for this major DYNAMIS SHIFT that many are sensing in the atmosphere.

Stay awake! Stay alert! Stay prayed up! Stay on the wall, the watchtowers so that the wiles of the devil doesn’t entangle us.

I am reminded of someone who shared their experiences as they moved in their season.  Never failed —  demonic manifestation happening every time they moved with purpose…

One has to ask “why now this attack?”

Time to check ourselves to see if there are any leaks in our plumbing. If so, time to renew our wineskins with new fortified wineskins. Start with the lesson of FORGIVENESS, a hard lesson to learn but here’s the key to set you free from the oppression of guilt, shame and blame — you disarm those who have wounded you by removing the sting of hurt. You remove their WMD in words, deeds and action. Once you disarm them, the abuser, the accuser has nowhere to go.

Here’s another tip…

Know your season and know that you know God is ordering your footsteps for this season; for to be out of season leaves you open for spiritual and physical attacks. So sure up your walls both spiritually and physically.

On earth, the devil lays in wait wondering to and fro searching for a foothold to enter in and cause havoc!

Once we learn these two lessons, forgiveness and season recognition, we can so easily move and flow in heavenly protection, in humility. Why, because we disarm the devil and his emps from destroying us. So on today, if you hold any UNFORGIVENESS in your heart towards anyone — FORGIVE and RELEASE them though you may never hear them say “I’m sorry.” 

Oil your NEW wineskins with the Oil of JOY! Tell God all about it! Cast your cares upon Him — lay it at the feet of the altar!

10.) If you forgive anyone anything, I too forgive [that one];and what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything,has been for your sake in the presence of [and with the approval of] Christ,

11.) to keep Satan from taking advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his schemes.
(2 Corinthians 2: 10 – 11 AMP)
Peace out!


Facing My Nineveh

Jonah & Whale
As I sit quietly in this temporal place, listening for God’s voice for direction during a season of transition, I’m drawn back to Psalms 72, but this time my eyes feast upon verse 16…

There shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth. (Psalms 72: 16 KJV)

My spirit man has been stirred with excitement anticipating (As One) the new kingdom movement — to position ourselves for the battle ahead as rerewards, the warring tribes. We shall move into place and take back territories for the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, before the women and children, the needy, orphaned and widowed — nations join and possess their rightful places in cities, once occupied and forcibly removed like cattle herded in a mass exodus into the countrysides, our wilderness experiences. I know of such a place, my hometown Baltimore, Maryland. God pulled the covers off and took me back to when I was a little girl, and how suddenly, covertly darkness crept and infiltrated our land…

Back in the 60s, a mass exodus of 5000 plus families, a documented historical fact, women, children, men, the poor and needy, educators, productive people were displaced — evicted from their homes which began at Mulberry and Franklin Streets (Route 40) and stretched eastward towards prosperous downtown. The plan — to urbanize the areas and raise up this super highway above the Amtrak railways, which failed and stopped short of a partitioned painted wall known as the bridge to nowhere. Even a young girl at my age knew that this wasn’t possible.
Travelers were greeted at the entrance of this lengthy concrete corridor — their access to downtown, graced by this giant mural of a bare foot black man planting apple seeds surrounded by flourishing trees, a sign of Hope for those who remained in the area. 

History: I am reminded of the fast trains which moved through our neighborhoods, the late President John F. Kennedy’s body transported to his final resting place; and our first person of color — our current president, Barack H. Obama; and the hated memories of the 60s mass riots and looting in protest to MLK’s assassination — literally the buck stopped there; for this area laid dormant in ruins for decades — yet there’s talk currently about the Red Line and Market Place entrepreneur businesses being erected and scattered amidst the barren concrete corridors…

All this to say I am reminded of God’s word that we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices, plots, plans and schemes. So this morning during devotions, God showed me once again how darkness devised plans to uproot His people, His sheep – His nations openly under the watchful eyes of the churches (those that bit this apple) for thirty pieces of silver — I see clearly through Psalms 72:16 the origin of purpose, restoration, the prodigal sons and daughters coming home as city dwellers, rightful heir to the foot hills which lay at the base of the seven mountains. We will overthrown, victoriously swept and dethroned darkness — we return to nation building, earthy kingdoms, mirrored images of heavenly places. Even my eleven-year old gets it, for he longs to be a city dweller, New York City to be exact, amidst the tall buildings. But what do I know for the word says a child shall lead us (even before their time) — perhaps his spirit man calls out to his destiny — deep calling unto deep. Who am I to say “silence” and “its not so;” for out of the mouths of babes and the word of God embraces the children and for us to have child like faith…

Enough! Far to long have we seen the destruction of cities and Eminent Domain slither its way through the cracks of democracy. The schools have no value and the system continues to dumb down our children converting brick and mortar to charter schools funded by the government, and structured through this Common Core method, further disarmament of our children; mass confusion, taking away their signatures and their understanding for the need of cursive writing, the very skill used to create and sign our Declaration of Independence, the core of this nation…

Go with me on this Strongs Concordance journey of the Hebrew language, the origin of the Bible, the one that presidents have laid their hands upon as they take an oath to govern nations.

Grasp this picture — possess the land!

There shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth. (Psalms 72: 16 KJV)

Top ( ro’sh or roshe) to shake, the head, literally or figuratively of place, time and rank, chief, first

Mountains (har pronoun har) represents a range of hills and promotion

Handful (piccah pronoun. pis-saw’) expansion, abundance

Corn (bar pronoun bawr) represents winnowing grains of any kind which stand in open country that cover

Shake (ra ‘ash pronoun (raw-ash) undulate (earth and sky) through fear, tremble

Earth (‘erets pronoun eh’-rets) wilderness world, to be firm

Lebanon (Lbanown) white mountain (from snow); Lebanon, a mountain range in Palestine, root 3825 (Aramaic) corresponding to 3824: heart

Fruit (priy pronoun per-ee’) reward

City (‘iry pronoun eer) a place guarded by waking or a watch, encampment

Flourish (tsuwts) bloom, blossom whew self

Grass (‘eseb pronoun eh’seb) from an unused root meaning to glisten (or be green (tender shoot) herb
The seven mountains shall rise with godly authority and take back what is rightfully ours for building nations…

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19)

The Great Commission — the little hills at the foot of the seven mountains where nourishment will flow like milk and honey down from the head, the chief cornerstone (Jesus) and sustain us with eternal life,

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven… (Matthew 6:10)

I face my destiny, my godly purpose — My Nineveh.

Amen, amen and amen.


White Elephants…

Has left the room!

This is not Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants, but a tale of the obvious left in the room – the dark horse — ugly, blatant racism.

While listening to a radio commentary this morning on the autopsy of the eighteen year old Michael Brown, I was enraged as the report was read, with two shots in the head and one in the top of the young man’s head. I had to stop and ask why, why the excessive force to subdue a potential suspect for what was originally reported as a response by the officer for two black males jay walking? Where is the dispatch recording and when was the officer made aware, after he shot the youth six times? 

Publicly reported were several eye witnesses that Michael brown turned and surrenders — so why the six shots and excessively executed by a cop, a cop where they majority out rank the portion of blacks hired. Something is wrong with this picture when you have a diverse community in protest and an uproar of the blatant murder of a black male child in the Ferguson community. I mean as the mother of three black male sons — this deeply concerns me.

When does this stop? How many more black, males do we have to bury as a nation: Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Darius Simmons, Eric Garner, John Crawford, and now Michael Brown. But wait, our black females are victimized as well, the one known black female Renisha McBride shot in the face when seeking help for her auto. But then there’s Marissa Alexander is unjustly and unfairly imprisoned for the same Florida-stand-your-ground law that Zimmerman got off scott free for firing a warning shot and she get’s — this is a horse of a whole entirely different color…

But my point is RACISM is still alive today in America and we are all players in this game of pitting one against the other dipped and drenched in the Willie Lynch spirit. Yes that spirit is still alive, and until we recognize what is actually going on in this country with our black, white and people of all color — PEACE will never happen unless we come together and rise up and speak out demanding fair treatment for all regardless of the color of our skin.

I end by asking, when does frontal position and raised hands in surrender warrant excessive deadly force by tax paid police officer? When?

This doesn’t end in a train station in the barren valley of Spain at Ebro River in a bar drinking beer on a hot, dry day between an American man and “Jig,” his female companion. It ends the same way it started — blood stained history oozing from our dark skin people.

Yes the White Elephants has left the room.



Humanitarian Sacrifice — PONDER…



You know I am sure many people are still talking about the untimely death of Robin Williams and are asking questions WHY? Something to think about indeed.

The naysayers are having a field day with this but there are those of us who are sensitive to this need to properly address this ugly disease called mental illnesses — we all have or know someone who suffers from this tormenting disease.

There are those barking about suicide as a sin — put you stones down unless you are willing to cast the first stone!

Chew on this…

We don’t know what anyone’s personal relationship with God is — no one knows but God and that person. Of course I too have asked and ponder why, what sound reason would Mr. Williams end his life, a life of depression, oppression, stress, anxiety — plain torment on the inside — in the mind which had spilled out through his use of alcohol and drugs — what could make him do such a thing and how selfish of us to want him to continue on this path of destruction – he chose to end his life, and just perhaps, lets just say he surrendered his life to free his spirit for total healing especially knowing the kind of humanitarian he was, supporting causes unselfishly — perhaps he gave unselfishly of his life to use his fame to bring real attention and real dialogue to this ugly, debilitating disease into the marvelous light so that this darkness no longer had a hold on his flesh — perhaps he surrendered!

In the end I am reminded of the scriptures that tells us what the devil meant for bad — God has turned it around for our good, and that when the light comes in that darkness has to flee.

Indeed God broke the mold an this unique individual who has made millions across nations laugh perhaps easing their/our own ills. There will never be another Robin Williams. Why because he was uniquely molded for a purpose which we know not. But one thing for sure, his untimely death has us talking — for sure!

To Mr. Williams’ wife and love ones, his family and close friends — there aren’t enough words to soothe your lose. But know we grieve with you; we cry with you and we will heal with you in time. May God keep you through this I’m sure a difficult time. But know this Robin Williams was loved by a multitude of people and our lights shine for you — for him.

Salute & Bravo!!!

Robin, break a leg and make the heavens roar with laughter.

Mr. Williams — thank you for your last humanitarian act unselfishly given. Take your rest!

Let the real dialogue — the real discussion begin people.

Peace & blessing
Sis. Linda.

Article Quote

“”As we mourn the loss of Robin Williams to depression, we must recognize it as an opportunity to engage in a national conversation,” Lisa Kovitz, an executive vice president and media relations expert in Edelman’s New York office, wrote. “His death yesterday created a carpe diem moment for mental health professionals and those people who have suffered with depression and want to make a point about the condition and the system that treats it. There’s a very careful line they need to walk so as to not seem exploitive of a terrible situation but at the same time, it is a national teachable moment that shouldn’t be ignored.”

Kovitz suggested organizations with mental health experts be more aggressive in their Williams-related pitches:”


My Ah Ha God Moment

Saturday started out like any other weekend, the kids, breakfast, and our roll out to run errands. It wasn’t until I settled into that evening, (put the kids to bed) that I began to enjoy my quiet time and the fellowship with two friends when I realized I had a spiritual epiphany — verbalized; my ah ha moment just grew physical legs of existence literally. God’s hands were truly in this! This small illuminated package unfolded in a grocery store…

Here I was, three kids deep scurrying to complete my run-in-run-out quick trip, the boys giggling and hiding from me, my little girl contained in the cart when all of a sudden out of no where this gentleman approached me and asked me if I knew where to buy peppermint oil for his migraine headache. The grimmest look — facial pain arched his eyebrows. He held the small basket in his hand filled with onions and veggies for an old school remedy, you know the one where our grandparents wrapped our limbs with halved onions and potatoes to draw out fevers, etc. — was I completely caught off guard? Yes!

You see it just wasn’t any oil or any person — it was me the Oils for My Lamp Lady — me, the one who uses Young Living Oils daily and professes it miraculous healing testimonies shared with every breath permitted should you happen to met me…well here I stood with this profound crazy look (I am sure) on my face — like a deer caught in head lights, thinking this is a hoax, twisting all around to see who set me up, who knew me in here, other than the employees BUT no one, not even the employees knew I specialized in therapeutic healing oils. No one but me so I thought!

Not only did I stand there dazed and totally freaked out in my mental capacity — I was at a loss for words in explaining any of this to anyone not even myself at the time. To make things even more mind blowing, this guy looked like someone I knew very well. Was this a possible relative of his, and I am still twisting to see if my friend had put this guy up to this, this hoax as he spewed confessions that his dad told him to buy peppermint oil, in a grocery store right — right!

As we left and walked to my car, I gave him what little oil I had (and he almost bit my head off) in his verbal plead for help. He was in obvious pain he barked “is this all you have,” to which I said yes BUT…

So after I calmed down, I began to talk with sense about the oils I have come to love and use daily. I gave him my contact info and long story short, he came for a new bottle of fennel oil. We made small talk about the spiritualism of our chance meeting — our God moment, ah ha!

As he left, he share yet another hair raising testimony, his icing on this cake. What would be the chance that the health food person (at a recommended store) would also daunt the name Linda too; fat chance right? Well two ladies with the same name in one day — enjoy the caloric intake because you could stick a fork in us both — we were both done! But here’s my ah ha moment when I realized that God had the last slice of cake. My newly found neighbor lived just around the corner — just!

If by happen chance you stumbled across my little ditty story of mines, I say hold onto God’s promises for you: Your blessings are just around the corner!

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