Part 2: Why Not?


I put this question before you, those who feel that Christians shouldn’t be involved in the political affairs of the world.
Why not?

The other day while on my boots-on-the ground-campaign, I came across this married couple on my journey. The wife voted but the husband, a former Christian denomination—now independent voter had a strong opinion as to why I “shouldn’t have mixed my Christian beliefs with the worldly deeds of politics.”

Hmmm, well I had informed him that I was led when a door of opportunity opened before me to do just what we were doing now—engage in dialogue.

I explained more so than the political aspects of my purpose, I was doing just what I knew the Lord had equipped me to do for such a time as this—uncover the truth about where our focus needed to be for the 2018 Midterm elections coming up on November 6th, despite ones choice of parties: democrat or republican. I explained that we had to give Caesar his ten percent in this romanized society. He bagged to differ and it was on like popcorn as his wife who stood there with a smile nudged him as dialogue pursued. It was spirited conversation and with every word he gave, I rallied a word of encouragement to get his business license and serve his community. You see he threw out his concerns as to why it was important not to vote with his separation of church and state rhetorical comments—a whole other can of worms. So I pose the question again—Why Not?

I am sure I am not the only person who has been challenged on their Christian beliefs when it comes to politics. But as sure as I am standing here, I know when the Lord opens doors for me to step through, and this was a door. Not without its challenges but with an opportunity for my iron to be sharpened, and to make sure I presented God’s word truthfully and not out of content. So yes, I sort the Lord once again to show me in the Bible an example of politics to support what I know, and that is God’s presence is still in this worldly place.

I was led to Joseph, you know the one who went from the pit to the place and overseer of Pharoah’s wealth — Yeah that one!

Thrown in a pit by his brothers, Joseph’s gifts made room for his rise to hakam, the Hebrew word denoting a wise, very skilled individual, often a high-level official in a royal court.Joseph Pic

Joseph was from the Tribe of Israel, and like Moses, was ejected into the Egyptian kingdom and used to help their people. Moses led his people out of 70 years of
captivity, and Joseph gave provisions to his family before the famine hit in Egypt. But my point is though the Egyptian lifestyle was not Joseph’s way of life, he had to survive in the place where he dwelled.

Though those of us who are Christians dwell in the world, we still have to survive with our lights shining. We are suppose to be ambassadors, the salt-n-light bringing the gospel to all the world. This doesn’t mean we should compromise who we are, but we should stand strong in our beliefs and purpose in the world.

There are other examples of political presence like Daniel and Ezra where God opened doors for these two to have divine favor with the kings of Babylon and Persia, both worldly system. Thus, Joseph comes along and wins the favor of an Egyptian Pharaoh, and in the end, with the wisdom of God—he turned the tables on the Egyptians.

Our mountain tops are suppose to look like God’s created earth. So, for those who want to say. “We aren’t suppose to participate in elections,” keep on being like an ostrich with your head stuck in the sand. We will find you washed away with an albatross—millstone Head in Groundencased around your neck; and like the parable of the talents —you didn’t use them wisely. What will be your reward when you stand before the Lord?


Vote Pic #1

If you haven’t registered to vote or have registered to vote and haven’t exercised your right to vote…

Why not?


Peace & Blessings



 1. Jospeh the HAKAM as a diplomat:

2.Millstone: Matthew 18:6 (KJV)

3. Parable of the talents: Matthew 25:14-30


Part 1: Blood Red

Prophetic vision: Today while praying with someone, the Lord showed me the entire United States was RED! That the midterm election coming up on November 6th would sweep in Republicans to seal the deal for the USA!

I know some of you aren’t happy about this BUT, you better thank the good Lord for things not seen by all that God has our best interest for things to come. My writing this isn’t so much as a political bantering as much as it is that we need to wake up and get our priorities in order and lined up with the word of God.

On two subjects it is that we need to wake up and pay attention. Before I share what God has placed on my heart, let me say I wasn’t going to release this but after watching a prophetic person’s shared vision on what God had given to him, and the the election coming up, my vision was confirmed. I am led to speak what God has shown me now. With agape love of Christ do I do so…the two subjects which are most important in the Midterm election on November 6th is as follows:

1. Abortion: All forms be it abortion or the sex trafficking, pedophila of our children, we are subliminally being groom to pass our children through the fires unto Molech/Molek/Malian, a god of darkness. Thus this comes against the commandments God gave His creation of male and female to 1. Be fruitful; 2. Multiply; and 3. Replenish the earth (Gen. 1:26 & 2:24-25). This heterosexual model was given the charge to subdue it and have dominion over every living thing that moved on the earth. God’s final seal, the institution of marriage between a man and woman where a man leaves his father and mother in order that he cleaves to his wife, which leads to my next point…

2. The LGBT/ GLBT & Homosexual communities: Its not that I don’t love you those in this lifestyle. Its just that you have been sold a bad bill of goods by Satan, who just stole your purpose and legacy, and have predestine you to not eternal life — BUT death should you not repent and truly embrace salvation through Jesus Christ, the truth, the way and the life (John 14:6). You can’t do any of the things which God gave charge to in Genesis 1:27. In fact, you have to come out of what you believe (same sex relationships) to produce a seed from heterosexual means. That is a spirit of confusion! The procreation of seed bearing from your loins is dead! Either you are or you aren’t what you live. You can’t have it both way!

There is a powerful scripture that tells us what the devil comes to do as a thief, and it reads “The thief comets not, but for to STEAL, and KILL, and to DESTROY:”

It is the next part of that scripture that the Lord through His Son Jesus Christ died to redeem us “I am come that they might have LIFE, and that they might have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.” (John 10:10 KJV)

In closing, both these points I made here are crucial in this up coming Midterm elections as to whether WE THE PEOPLE exist as God has planned; or do WE continue to forfeit our inheritance by destroying our seeds and our legacy with the subliminal grooming of Satan and his luciferians which has been going on for decades! Its time to wake up!

Vote for godly values! Abortion is wrong and living a perverse lifestyle other then a male and female relationship is not of God; nor is it ok to waver or compromise the truth as God has commanded in His word the Bible. A man or woman with such a spirit of confusion is double minded breeds and leads to sin and death.

We must pray for our leaders whether you agree or disagree with who is in office as President of the United States! Lean not to your own understanding. One day soon you will see what God sees for His people, and why He chooses and moves people in places and positions to honor that which He has put in place when He created the world. God is the alpha and the omega, He is the beginning and the end and the author of our lives

With much agape love.


Pendulum Momentum


“Justice belongs to those who claim it, but let the claimant beware lest he create new injustice by his claim and thus set the
bloody pendulum of revenge into its inexorable motion.”

Frank Herbert

I have sat silent, laid my pen aside, prayed, wept and screamed…America has fallen prey to the war cries of evil; for evil has laid their plans long before any of us have awakened!

We have been lured to sleep, pitted in our own souls with emotional outrage spewed across the media screens. We don’t get the devil’s best laid plan for destruction by our own hands filled with hatred, we reach back into yesterday’s history scabbed over. But yet we cry aloud INJUSTICE beating our chest that our emotional pleads are right and just. We fail to see the webbed atrocities of yesterday. The faint pulse of evil still beats and awaits the swift swing of the pendulum coming ‘round again to capture the weak. We are asleep!

Wake Up!


Back during my late 90s I started my quest to know God through my intimate time in prayer. The words in the Bible began to give birth audibly! My purpose rang out unity, on one accord like the days of Acts 2, the Day of Pentecost when a diverse group of people came together and received that mighty rushing wind that fell upon them in the upper room. The key words “one accord.” I can think of one recent instance where “one accord” was displayed though tragic. But not many grasped ahold of what was happening when Harvey, Irma and Maria blustered across our shores destroying lives and a lifetime of material possessions. All differences were put aside; the in between grays were sucked out of the black against white scenarios — washed away in the midst of the storms! But nature’s fury was far from finished!

Never in my lifetime have I seen such devastation with the fires in California literally burning a multitude of homes and acreage. But when it was all said and done, ashes and rubble don’t tell the stories of ethnicity, gender or color of ones skin. Nor does it display Democrat or Republican. It only displays lose, a marker in time on this date — history; and yet for those not affected by any of these horrific natural disasters, we are pitted one against the other doing the devil’s dirty work of nurturing the dormant spirits of division, hatred, segregation and racism by our own blood shed through public protest: Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy, Pink Pussy Hat wearers — whatever floats your boat — let it be know your boats are sinking feeding the bottom scum whose particles have hardened and attached itself to America.

We are blinded by ignorance having sold our souls to the devil. When darkness is finished with us — we will succumb to his watery grave eternally in damn nation simply because we failed to see the same waging battles he has wielded since he hissed and beguilement of Eve in the Garden of Eden.

So as WE continued to tear down confederate statues, monuments and eradicate class Pendulum Picscurriculums, or whatever scrapes and festers our wounds of yesterday, remember that the history of our ancestors are intertwined with our hatred, and no amount of our public ranting and rioting will dig up the blood stained soil which have paved the way for our existence in America. It will only erode the foundation of this country, the very land in which WE stand upon.




And in the end — no one wins!

I will continue to say be careful because the pendulums that we wield today
swings both ways.     LIB


“History has always been a series of pendulum swings,
but the individual doesn’t have to get caught in that.”
Robert Johnson


Peter, Put Up Thy Sword Into The Sheath


To the Peters out there — PUT YOUR SWORDS IN THE SHEATH!

(This is long and I won’t apologize for the length. Share with everyone)

I know many of you are raging with angry over the recent murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and now the recent arrest of DeRay McKesson, (BlackLiveMatter Founder) who was just arrested last night in Baton Rouge’s Protest. I say to you keep your cool and stop being used as a vehicle for racism to be sparked as a race war. WE are being used to start this race war, those of us who are inhaling the smoke screen of racism, hatred — the uglies. Am I thrilled about how things are going right now?


But here’s what I know…

60s Riot
Once started, it will get ugly and many will die! Is it worth it? Some may say yes, but the bottom line is NO! We need you Peters, our youth to live! You are purpose! Your are the change agents! Listen — This is not the 60s style protest where water hoses, growling dogs flashing teeth and Billy Clubs are being used. With the technology they have today — you will die quickly. Take heed –DRONES & ROBOTS and Martial Law! Get the picture!

The way to win this war is through uniting as one. When in Rome, do as the roman’s do and fill their own Trojan Horses with their own medicine meaning, law and master their systems — yes infiltrate their systems and move them out with numbers. I’m talking take over! That’s what the dark elite are doing right now which is why WE THE PEOPLE own nothing. WE are just occupying space until WE rise as one united, moving smartly and not falling into their pit of division. This current strategy of violence is not going to work! Then you have to ask why now is this stuff heating up now!
DronesWe are committing slow genocide with our hands — not theirs; and their plans have been institutionalized way back when, but its for a reason that it’s surfacing now. Like a chess game — we are pawns being use to further their dark plans to control ALL people their way!

Once again, pay attention vote with wisdom! Everything that glitters in this presidential election — ain’t gold and the obvious with most of the money in this election is gonna sell our souls further down the river. So…


To our mature adults who are awake! Now it was brought to my attention about this DeRay McKesson being arrested this morning. We need the Prayer Warriors and Intercessors to stay on that wall — watch and pray! Pray these smoke screens of division and hatred are torn down and expose the dark elite who are behind this ugly spirit! This is not a battle we will win dying. However there is a time to do physical battle after we have saturated the atmosphere with PRAYER! PRAISE! WORSHIP! Its time to be battle ready. Do first things first!

Off my rant box!



Burn Baby Burn


Recently the news is ablaze with stories of massive fires burning out of control, and destroying thousands of acres in places like Canada, Southern California, Arizonia and the list goes on…I was talking to a friend about these fires when I was reminded about the Native American Indians’ use of fire as their ecosystem.

BURNING is a method used to prep land for the new harvest among other purposes such hunting, crop management, improved growth and yields, fireproofed areas, insect collection, pest management, warfare and signaling, economic extortion, clearing areas for travel, felling trees and clearing riparian areas which Dr. Gerald W. Williams, a Historical Analyst for the USDA Forest Service mentioned in his 2001 report.

I know, some will read this and say this is absolute poppycock!

Our natural eyes tend to see the bad in most situations. However, there’s a remnant who see beyond the physical. We will catch a glimmer of HOPE and see a glass full rather then half empty. I see HOPE as God directs our path to the promise land, the milk and honey, like cream in it’s solidified state — HOPE rises to the top out of world chaos.

This is a season to SHIFT, to position ourselves as the winds blow on our embers…

3Ps Fin1


This nation is faced with great challenges beginning with an election year where our lives as a nation are torn between one Republican and two Democratic presidential candidates.




We need to pay attention to NATURE and catch ahold of the vision!

As a Prayer Warrior and Intercessory, the symbolism of all these fires burning massive acreage of land brings back memories from my quiet time with God as I study His word in the Holy Bible. I am first reminded that what the devil meant for bad, God has turned it around for our good, and at midnight, Exactly what does “AND AT THE MIDNIGHT” mean?

Midnight hour1

The story of an imprisoned Paul and Silas sang praise unto God and the prisoners heard them. It requires an action on our behalf even if it means we stand still, even as the fires roar and are burning down everything in sight, in the area that God has called you to position with PURPOSE — stand, believe and have FAITH (Acts 16:25-34).

Second, I’m reminded of the story of the three Hebrew boys (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) whose names had been changed. They were thrown into a fiery pit that was heated up seven times more, and it engulfed — slew the king’s most mighty men from his army.

Catch this image…there in the midst was a fourth man in the flames, another plan for their lives – PURPOSE; for they emerge from this seven-times fire not smelling like fire, their situation at hand, but they came out polished for the next chapter of their lives.

Seven represents the Sabbath when God commanded us to REST in the complete work — rest in Him. Are WE resting in Him? (Daniel 3: 12-26)

OUCH even!

Third, fire symbolizes refinement. Most precious gems are fired to refine their essences of beauty in physical changes,the appearance. What appeared to be ugly and not finished is now polished to perfection.

So I say to those watching the fires burn to take another look! Look with discernment. Know that there is another plan to prepare your way into the things that God has PREDESTINED and PURPOSED for your lives.

(Pssst! I’m paying attention LAWD!)

God is ordering our footsteps to move into position from ancestral seeds sown. OrderMySteps

Rebirth — REGENERATION of land once covered in darkness, and wells rediscovered waiting to gush with new life, new wine for the new wineskins prepared. 

Let us embrace HOPE and wait patiently for the sound of the rushing mighty winds to swoop down from the mountains and into the canyons amidst the foothills — WE RISE!

Peace out!





The Battle is REAL!










We must be all so close to our godly purpose.  Prepare for this major DYNAMIS SHIFT that many are sensing in the atmosphere.

Stay awake! Stay alert! Stay prayed up! Stay on the wall, the watchtowers so that the wiles of the devil doesn’t entangle us.

I am reminded of someone who shared their experiences as they moved in their season.  Never failed —  demonic manifestation happening every time they moved with purpose…

One has to ask “why now this attack?”

Time to check ourselves to see if there are any leaks in our plumbing. If so, time to renew our wineskins with new fortified wineskins. Start with the lesson of FORGIVENESS, a hard lesson to learn but here’s the key to set you free from the oppression of guilt, shame and blame — you disarm those who have wounded you by removing the sting of hurt. You remove their WMD in words, deeds and action. Once you disarm them, the abuser, the accuser has nowhere to go.

Here’s another tip…

Know your season and know that you know God is ordering your footsteps for this season; for to be out of season leaves you open for spiritual and physical attacks. So sure up your walls both spiritually and physically.

On earth, the devil lays in wait wondering to and fro searching for a foothold to enter in and cause havoc!

Once we learn these two lessons, forgiveness and season recognition, we can so easily move and flow in heavenly protection, in humility. Why, because we disarm the devil and his emps from destroying us. So on today, if you hold any UNFORGIVENESS in your heart towards anyone — FORGIVE and RELEASE them though you may never hear them say “I’m sorry.” 

Oil your NEW wineskins with the Oil of JOY! Tell God all about it! Cast your cares upon Him — lay it at the feet of the altar!

10.) If you forgive anyone anything, I too forgive [that one];and what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything,has been for your sake in the presence of [and with the approval of] Christ,

11.) to keep Satan from taking advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his schemes.
(2 Corinthians 2: 10 – 11 AMP)
Peace out!


Facing My Nineveh

Jonah & Whale
As I sit quietly in this temporal place, listening for God’s voice for direction during a season of transition, I’m drawn back to Psalms 72, but this time my eyes feast upon verse 16…

There shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth. (Psalms 72: 16 KJV)

My spirit man has been stirred with excitement anticipating (As One) the new kingdom movement — to position ourselves for the battle ahead as rerewards, the warring tribes. We shall move into place and take back territories for the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, before the women and children, the needy, orphaned and widowed — nations join and possess their rightful places in cities, once occupied and forcibly removed like cattle herded in a mass exodus into the countrysides, our wilderness experiences. I know of such a place, my hometown Baltimore, Maryland. God pulled the covers off and took me back to when I was a little girl, and how suddenly, covertly darkness crept and infiltrated our land…

Back in the 60s, a mass exodus of 5000 plus families, a documented historical fact, women, children, men, the poor and needy, educators, productive people were displaced — evicted from their homes which began at Mulberry and Franklin Streets (Route 40) and stretched eastward towards prosperous downtown. The plan — to urbanize the areas and raise up this super highway above the Amtrak railways, which failed and stopped short of a partitioned painted wall known as the bridge to nowhere. Even a young girl at my age knew that this wasn’t possible.
Travelers were greeted at the entrance of this lengthy concrete corridor — their access to downtown, graced by this giant mural of a bare foot black man planting apple seeds surrounded by flourishing trees, a sign of Hope for those who remained in the area.

History: I am reminded of the fast trains which moved through our neighborhoods, the late President John F. Kennedy’s body transported to his final resting place; and our first person of color — our current president, Barack H. Obama; and the hated memories of the 60s mass riots and looting in protest to MLK’s assassination — literally the buck stopped there; for this area laid dormant in ruins for decades — yet there’s talk currently about the Red Line and Market Place entrepreneur businesses being erected and scattered amidst the barren concrete corridors…

All this to say I am reminded of God’s word that we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices, plots, plans and schemes. So this morning during devotions, God showed me once again how darkness devised plans to uproot His people, His sheep – His nations openly under the watchful eyes of the churches (those that bit this apple) for thirty pieces of silver — I see clearly through Psalms 72:16 the origin of purpose, restoration, the prodigal sons and daughters coming home as city dwellers, rightful heir to the foot hills which lay at the base of the seven mountains. We will overthrown, victoriously swept and dethroned darkness — we return to nation building, earthy kingdoms, mirrored images of heavenly places. Even my eleven-year old gets it, for he longs to be a city dweller, New York City to be exact, amidst the tall buildings. But what do I know for the word says a child shall lead us (even before their time) — perhaps his spirit man calls out to his destiny — deep calling unto deep. Who am I to say “silence” and “its not so;” for out of the mouths of babes and the word of God embraces the children and for us to have child like faith…

Enough! Far to long have we seen the destruction of cities and Eminent Domain slither its way through the cracks of democracy. The schools have no value and the system continues to dumb down our children converting brick and mortar to charter schools funded by the government, and structured through this Common Core method, further disarmament of our children; mass confusion, taking away their signatures and their understanding for the need of cursive writing, the very skill used to create and sign our Declaration of Independence, the core of this nation…

Go with me on this Strongs Concordance journey of the Hebrew language, the origin of the Bible, the one that presidents have laid their hands upon as they take an oath to govern nations.

Grasp this picture — possess the land!

There shall be an handful of corn in the earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake like Lebanon: and they of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth. (Psalms 72: 16 KJV)

Top ( ro’sh or roshe) to shake, the head, literally or figuratively of place, time and rank, chief, first

Mountains (har pronoun har) represents a range of hills and promotion

Handful (piccah pronoun. pis-saw’) expansion, abundance

Corn (bar pronoun bawr) represents winnowing grains of any kind which stand in open country that cover

Shake (ra ‘ash pronoun (raw-ash) undulate (earth and sky) through fear, tremble

Earth (‘erets pronoun eh’-rets) wilderness world, to be firm

Lebanon (Lbanown) white mountain (from snow); Lebanon, a mountain range in Palestine, root 3825 (Aramaic) corresponding to 3824: heart

Fruit (priy pronoun per-ee’) reward

City (‘iry pronoun eer) a place guarded by waking or a watch, encampment

Flourish (tsuwts) bloom, blossom whew self

Grass (‘eseb pronoun eh’seb) from an unused root meaning to glisten (or be green (tender shoot) herb
The seven mountains shall rise with godly authority and take back what is rightfully ours for building nations…

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19)

The Great Commission — the little hills at the foot of the seven mountains where nourishment will flow like milk and honey down from the head, the chief cornerstone (Jesus) and sustain us with eternal life,

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven… (Matthew 6:10)

I face my destiny, my godly purpose — My Nineveh.

Amen, amen and amen.


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